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How exactly to purchase a wedding ring: every thing a man has to understand to have it appropriate

How exactly to purchase a wedding ring: every thing a man has to understand to have it appropriate

Ring-shopping can be a disheartening task, particularly if you’re clueless about diamonds and jewelry. Listed here are actually helpful suggestions so you can easily wow the love of your lifetime.

(Illustration: Chern Ling)

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Therefore, you’ve met your ex of the goals and generally are prepared to subside along with her and live a full life of bliss. But first, you’ll want to get the ring – a purchase that probably boggles you far more than securing your HDB that is marital home.

A wedding ring is just a purchase that is big which describes why most men try to have a few tips from their brides-to-be, or straight out involve them into the decision-making process in order to make sure the band would be to their taste.

Exactly what if you’re the type of man whom prefers only a little relationship and secret – and would really like to shock and wow your personal some one along with your savvy range of a band once you pop issue? It surely really helps to arm your self with important knowledge which exceed the fundamental 4Cs. CNA life informs you what you ought to understand to obtain the most useful band in your spending plan.


A wedding ring from Tiffany & Co. (picture: Tiffany & Co)

You must have already read about the 4Cs (cut, colour, clarity and carat weight) if you’ve been shopping around for a diamond ring,. The bottom line is, they determine the size and quality grading of a diamond and as a consequence just how much it costs. It is simple to find information regarding the 4Cs, so let’s speak about getting a good balance between these facets, in addition to a satisfactory range on the list of spectral range of grades alternatively.

The absolute most typical blunder that individuals make would be to assume that dimensions are every thing in diamond selection. It might be real that carat fat will mostly influence the purchase price of the diamond, nevertheless the other Cs will even figure out its value. As an example, a 0.8-carat diamond that is somewhat tinged might cost exactly like, say, a 0.7-carat of the whiter quality. Which will be the higher option in this instance? It is actually right down to your own personal choice and exactly what, for your requirements, is really a reasonable compromise between size and color.

When you can inform that the diamond is yellow just by taking a look at it on it’s own, undoubtedly put it down and go after a far better one.

While a d that is exceptionally colourless be harder to cover for the favored diamond size, we’d say do not rise above an H. Truth be told, many people won’t manage to determine if your diamond is extremely somewhat yellow unless it’s put close to a whiter diamond and contrasted hand and hand. By itself, definitely put it down and go for a better one if you can tell that a diamond is yellow just by looking at it.

Clarity is the obviously occurring inclusions discovered in just a diamond. Many inclusions aren’t visually noticeable to the naked eye – in fact, no good jeweller would carry a diamond with inclusions as you are able to see without having the help of the magnifying loupe. But nevertheless, they are doing impact the value and quality of the diamond from the entire, which is the reason why many jewellers would suggest their clients to buy a grading between VVS1 to VS1.

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Engagement bands from Tiffany & Co. (picture: Tiffany & Co)

Cut, while contained in the 4Cs, is a complete other game that will require a a bit more research. Diamonds, while you should already fully know, are cut into a variety of shapes – round, rectangular cut that is(emerald, square (princess cut), pear-shaped as well as heart-shaped. You’d most likely have actually an inkling by what your own future bride prefers with regards to that – if you don’t, we’d suggest the classic round brilliant, which will be the safest & most popular option for engagement bands.

Broadly speaking and without factoring within the other Cs, a round-cut diamond will surely cost significantly more than a fancy-cut diamond associated with the carat weight that is same.

In most cases and without factoring into the other Cs, a round-cut diamond will surely cost significantly more than a fancy-cut diamond of this carat weight that is same. This is certainly simply because that a diamond that is round more technical to cut as well as has a tendency to include more rough diamond loss into the cutting procedure, which means a greater manufacturing cost. But there’s a payoff here you’ll get a lot more sparkle from the circular brilliant as it has more factors.

And thus, it also encompasses how it is faceted as you can see, cut doesn’t solely refer to a diamond’s shape. Faceting is what sort of diamond gets that dazzling fire – without one, a diamond when you look at the rough would just seem like a lustreless, clear swelling of rock. This is how numerous jewellers have innovative, discovering their particular way that is unique facet diamonds (specially round-shaped diamonds) together with the conventional cuts common towards the industry in particular.

There’s a lot of advertising speak utilized to sell these trademarked cuts and, genuinely, no genuine option to show any particular one is definitely much better than another or typical diamonds available in the market. The easiest way to discover? Venture out to your boutiques and discover them yourself – a diamond’s sparkle can only just be judged and contrasted via experience.


Chinese celeb Zhang Ziyi wears a diamond that is oversized. (Picture: Chopard)

Just as much as an one-carat engagement ring is desirable, not everybody are able to lay out the money because of it (be prepared to spend around S$10,000 for just one of the fairly high quality, and upwards in the event that diamond rates greater regarding the quality factors stated earlier).

Expect you’ll spend around S$10,000 for just one of the quality that is reasonably good and upwards, in the event that diamond rates greater from the quality factors mentioned previously.

But even in the event your pouches aren’t deep enough for a diamond that is one-carat and size does indeed matter for your requirements along with your partner, there are methods which will make a smaller diamond look larger than it truly is. Think about placing the diamond in a halo environment, which frames the stone that is central a band of teeny-tiny diamonds and so helps it be appear bigger. Ring proportions play a essential part right here too – a setting with slim prongs along with a slim musical organization can make the diamond appearance bigger by comparison.


To make sure gem and quality authenticity, it’s understandable that you should just head to founded jewellers for your diamond. Many individuals go directly to a well-known local jeweller such as Goldheart or Lee Hwa Jewellery. You are able to absolutely find good diamonds at these names (it’s possible to find a diamond that is 0.5-carat around S$3,000 and a one-carat diamond for approximately S$8 browse around these guys,000 right right here).

Needless to say, you might want to explore smaller local jewellers that offer a bespoke design service, sometimes at an additional fee if you have a more creative or specific ring style in mind.

Personalised containers from Tiffany & Co. (picture: Tiffany & Co)

People that have a more impressive spending plan may choose to decide to try a worldwide brand-name jeweller such as for instance Tiffany & Co or Cartier, but be ready for prices being nearly triple the ones that the thing is at local jewellers.

Wish to know just what you might be having to pay the premium for? These brands routinely have a diamond that is special and selection process and put plenty of value on making certain their diamonds are ethically sourced. To learn more, it’s better to make a consultation for the individual assessment with these jewellers.

Some people choose to buy diamonds online because of the lower prices compared to those in stores although diamond-shopping is best conducted in person.

But, whichever spot you get buying your diamond from, be sure that it comes down with recognised official certification – GIA and AGS are two of the very most well-known diamond official certification authorities on earth but do observe that particular jewellers, such as for instance Tiffany & Co, utilize their particular official official official certification, although some utilise those off their certifying organisations.

Some people choose to buy diamonds online because of the lower prices compared to those in stores although diamond-shopping is best conducted in person. We won’t get further into that however, if you need to prefer to achieve this, perform some research that is necessary find a trusted merchant with a decent return and trade policy.


Bands with coloured center rocks from Cartier. (Picture: Cartier)

One brand new trend in engagement rings may be the utilization of colored gemstones rather than diamonds, but, since many guys will ask – what exactly is their monetary worth when compared with diamonds?

Precious coloured gems like sapphires, emeralds and rubies – if they’re of a great size, color and quality – will typically be because expensive as diamonds, or even more therefore. They’ve been considered because of the jewelry industry, royalty as well as the globe in particular become just like valuable as diamonds, and so are even more restricted in supply (the top-quality ones, that is), which partly describes why they could often price more.

Precious coloured gems like sapphires, emeralds and rubies – if of a size that is good color and quality – will typically be because expensive as diamonds, or even more therefore.

It is tough to compare their value compared to that of diamonds carat-for-carat it all depends on their quality, particularly colour as they are judged by slightly different standards – without delving into the complexities. You’d have better luck going to a private or high-end jeweller if you are after one of these stones.

Many semi-precious rocks, on one other hand, are often a great deal more affordable. a stone that is semi-precious be anywhere from the 5th to half the cost of a diamond of the identical size, however you ought to know there are additionally ab muscles unusual few (such as for instance a Paraiba tourmaline) which are considered valuable and valued at thousands of bucks due to their extremely unusual colour – of course, they are just open to extremely choose high-end buyers.

Because they appear in a range that is amazingly vast of and varieties, semi-precious rocks provide far more design opportunities for jewelry. A pale-blue aquamarine, pink spinel or green peridot ring may be a unique way to channel her contemporary style and femininity for the modern, unconventional bride. What’s more, you’ll be capable of geting more carat fat for the cash, when compared with an amount that is equivalent on a diamond – making a rather compelling explanation to choose for a semi-precious gemstone certainly.



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